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KERALA ACUPRESSURE CENTER - Last Updated on October 20,2017.

The Doctor

Dr.Ra.Lavanyasri is an Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Indian Central Board Certified Acupuncturist. She holds her doctorate (PhD) in Alternative Medicine. Basically, she is a Biotechnologist and Bioinformatician. Hence, she has an extensive array of knowledge about the Human Genes, Genetic disorders, vivid understanding about human Anatomy & Physiology.

Clinically, she is expertized in 12 meridian pulse diagnoses and this is the major diagnostic tool used in her treatments to understand the health of the patient's internal organs. She also practices Aromatherapy and Flower Remedy for various aliments with her own combinations of them; she is bringing out great changes within her patients.

Today, most of the people do not know the basic cause of their disease or ailment, whether it is a major or a minor issue. Due to that,mysterious things happen and they themselves complicate their system (body) and gets worse than the previous. So, apart from the treatment as a service and responsibility she counsel’s and educates her patients with the scientific knowledge and facts behind the disease they suffer to. So, the better they understand, better they care their body and better results are obtained in a healthy way.

To conclude, Successful treatment results are achieved by her Four Dimensional (4D) approach (Diagnosis – Treatment – Diet – Counselling) to ensure that her patients receive the best and trustworthy treatment.

Extensive research work carried out by Dr.Ra.Lavanyasri.
  • Accentuating the Therapeutic Potential of Prevailing Medicinal Plants to Design a Natural Drug against H1N1 Virus”
  • Emphasizing the Therapeutic research of alternative medicine and its efficacy on Diabetes mellitus with molecular evidences
  • Docking studies on an Anti-tumour Protein from Momordica Charantia inactivating lung Cancer Oncogene
  • Antibacterial efficacy of Asparagus racemosus on Pseudomonas aeruginosa MTCC 1035.
  • Impact of elevated temperature on Biochemical metabolism in cow pea seedlings.
  • Raising the potential of existing Natural and artificial Drugs against the H1N1 virus
  • Bioflavonoid as potential markers and health hazards by antisocial elements