Know About Mode of Treatement

KERALA ACUPRESSURE CENTER - Last Updated on October 20,2017.

Mode of treatment

A unique 4 dimensional treatment strategy (Diagnosis – Treatment – Diet – Counselling) is practiced to bring out the best results and satisfaction among the patients. With respect to the treatment timing, very first visit to the clinic will take One hour and later visits will differ according to the patients’ health issues.

Duration: 20 Minutes

General Medical History and a clear discussion about the current health status are recorded. Basic Examinations like Height / Weight / BMI calculation / Blood Pressure / Heart Pulse Rate are recorded during every visit. Later, 5 Elements based symptoms analysis is done to find out the root cause of the major issues. These symptoms are confirmed with the 12 Meridian Pulse diagnoses. Correlating these two results gives a clear vision about the root cause of the problem.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Based on the Patients 5 element symptom analysis and Pulse Diagnosis, Best Acupressure Points are selected and essential Aroma oils are used tropically on the point locations to enhance better results. Authentic special treatment methods are used for better results as per the requirement.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Based on the Patients 5 element symptom analysis and Pulse Diagnosis, The most effective personal Diet chart is prepared with respective to the patient’s condition to boost the metabolism and regulate their internal system. This will give a dynamic improvisation with the symptoms post treatment. Diet Chart is changed or improvised based on the improvement during the next visits, if required.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Post treatment patients are clearly educated with the do’s and don’tsbased on their problems. Diet chart and certain authentic health recipes are explained in detail. This session gives a clear vision and understanding about the patient problem and natural ways to overcome their issue in a healthy way. Post treatment suggestions or guidance are provided 24 * 7 over phone call.